Adaptable. Active. Authentication

Swivel Secure is a pioneering network security solutions provider. Its multi-factor authentication platform, underpinned by PINsafe, the company’s patented one-time-code extraction technology, is recognised as a leading standard in authentication technology.

Swivel’s established customer base spans over 35 countries and its solutions are used to secure VPNs, desktops, web and Cloud-based applications. With the widest range of user deployment options according to Gartner, the Swivel platform delivers two factor authentication via mobile app, SMS, OATH Tokens and telephony and stronger authentication through integrated in-browser imagery.

Swivel is the only authentication technology accredited for Microsoft Office365, offering primary support for a tokenless environment.


Case Studies

Swivel is the authentication service used by hundreds of organisations, including major global enterprises and small businesses alike, in 30 countries across every continent. Check out these case studies and see how companies are using Swivel everyday.

The Sheffield College

Rawlinson and Hunter

Tullow Oil