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Cirrus Insight – Integrate Salesforce & G Suite

Cirrus Insight puts the power of Salesforce right inside Gmail. It helps you keep Salesforce in sync with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts. Cirrus Insight gives you maximum power and flexibility. It works with any edition of Salesforce, and it can be used across multiple G Suite domains and with multiple Gmail accounts.

Instantly View Contextual Salesforce Information in Your Inbox
You communicate with your customers in Gmail but you manage them in Salesforce. Now all of your contextual Salesforce information is in your inbox. As you open an email you’ll immediately see a snapshot of the sender’s records in Salesforce, including a summary of open and closed Opportunities and Cases. Know exactly where your relationship is with your customer and you’ll close more deals faster.
Save Emails & Attachments to Salesforce with a Click
Have an important email conversation with a customer? Now you can save emails from Gmail into Salesforce with a click. Automatically relate emails to contact and account records using the Quick Add button. Or use the Add to Salesforce button to specify exactly how you want the email to relate in Salesforce, even relating emails to custom fields and objects. You can even save attachments along with your emails including Google Drive Docs. Cirrus Insight will also automatically track which emails you’ve logged to Salesforce.
Effortlessly Sync Your Google & Salesforce Calendars
You schedule and manage your events with Google but you need a record of them in Salesforce. Now all of your events are automatically synced between Salesforce and Google. And with Cirrus Insight you have the only solution that relates events to attendees’ records in Salesforce. So now you not only have a record of your meetings but they are related to the people you’ve invited to them as well.
Create & Edit Salesforce Records on the Fly
Often the first time you encounter a new lead or opportunity is in Gmail. With Cirrus Insight you can immediately create new records in Salesforce as they come into your inbox. Salesforce is always up to date so you don’t have to worry about going back and updating records later. Even better, with inline editing of existing records you can manage Salesforce right from Gmail. It’s your new Salesforce front end.
Customise Your Salesforce Experience in Gmail
With Cirrus Insight we’ve given you the ability to customise exactly what you want brought over from Salesforce. Admins can configure layouts to display the important fields while leaving out the unimportant ones. Best of all, we give you the ability to expose your custom fields and objects. So all of the things you’ve taken the time to customise in Salesforce can be viewed, created, and edited right from Gmail.
Add Google Contacts to Salesforce
When you’re on the move it’s easier to simply add new contacts to your mobile device. But you need to get those contacts into Salesforce. With Cirrus Insight you can easily identify whether your Google Contacts are in Salesforce and create new Lead and Contact records right from your Google Contacts page.
Salesforce Tasks Integration
One of the biggest productivity features within Salesforce is the ability to create and assign tasks. However, if you’re not always in Salesforce you don’t have visibility into your tasks which defeats the point of task management. Now with Cirrus Insight you have an intuitive dashboard for your Salesforce tasks right in Gmail. Create, edit, assign, manage, and complete tasks without leaving your inbox.
Salesforce Templates Integration with Gmail
Your email templates are in Salesforce. Shouldn’t they be in Gmail so you can respond to messages as they come in? Now you can access all of your Salesforce templates right from your inbox. Load, merge fields, edit and send email templates from Gmail. And the best part is you don’t have to recreate your templates in another app!
Custom Buttons Inside Gmail
Generate a report or a document in response to an email, create invoices on the fly; however you have customised buttons in Salesforce you now have access to them from Gmail (Note: We do not support JavaScript buttons at this time). To access your custom buttons simply navigate to the object the button is associated with in Salesforce. Then click the button with three dots on it and you will see the available buttons associated with that object.
Create Cases for Salesforce from Gmail
Support cases come in from all kinds of places. Whether it’s via social media, emails to salespeople, calls, they often wind up forwarded to your support inbox. With Cirrus Insight you can now create, edit, manage, escalate and even close cases right from Gmail!
Free Conference Calling Right from Gmail
Cirrus Insight has now teamed with UberConference to bring you simple, visual, and free conference calling right from Gmail. Now starting a conference call is as simple as a click. And the best part is after you’re done we’ll automatically add all of the information to log the call. All you have to do is hit save!

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