Going Google


Going Google

As a Google Partner, we’ve got everything you need for a smooth transition to G Suite from legacy email and office solutions, including Microsoft Exchange and Office.

We don’t believe that one size fits all so we work closely with you and your team to figure out what you need and how it is best delivered so you don’t waste time, money or goodwill when you make the switch.

Discover a better way to manage information and collaborate

Deployment Planning

We’ll work with you on a deployment plan which includes the scope, responsibilities, resources, timescales technical details. We normally start with a project kick-off conference call.


We look at your existing set up, your people and your kit to develop an implementation plan that will deliver a smooth and simple move to G Suite.

Email and Docs Migration

Changing anything sounds scary but it needn’t be. You don’t want to lose important information and emails, waste time and frustrate your team or your customers, so we only do well thought out and executed G Suite migrations.

Change Management

A change management plan delivers a smooth move to G Suite without wasting company time, losing productivity or the good will of your team. It’s not rocket science – just clear communication, good training and great G Suite support.


We offer a great range of G Suite training for existing and new G Suite users across the country. If you want to focus on staff development, improve your processes and technology adoption or simply get the most from your G Suite investment, we can help.

G Suite Helpdesk

Once you’re up and running you might need a little extra G Suite support now and then or maybe you’d like the comfort of having comprehensive back up at any time. We’ve got a range of G Suite Helpdesk options to suit your needs.

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