G Suite


G Suite

A professional set of tools by Google that allows you to work from anywhere

G Suite is reliable, secure, web based “Software as a Service” with powerful, intuitive applications like Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive. It can help you reduce IT costs, manage information more effectively and enable employees to collaborate wherever they are.

Our G Suite implementation expertise and additional services, which include training, integration, cloud application development and a comprehensive support service, makes Refractiv your perfect deployment and technology partner.

G Suite Features

Connect, Create, Access, Control



Secure, private, ad-free email for your business

Secure file storage allowing real-time collaboration

Schedule meetings, share calendars, manage resources

Admin Console
Manage G Suite for your organisation

Instant chat and video meetings

Create and collaborate team websites

Web-based documents to collaborate
with your team

Archiving and eDiscovery for email, files and chats


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G Suite Security & Privacy

Google has spent years developing one of the world’s most advanced and secure infrastructures, including dozens of features to keep your data secure and safe. These features include automatic backup, data encryption and two-step authentication. With Google your data belongs to you. You control it and you decide who, when and how you share it. Read more.

FAQ - G Suite Security

Does Google Encrypt my Data? Yes. Data is encrypted at several levels. Google forces HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) for all transmissions between users and G Suite services and uses Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) for all its services. Google also encrypts message transmissions with other mail servers using 256-bit Transport Layer Security (TLS) and utilises 2048 RSA encryption keys for the validation and key exchange phases. This protects message communications when client users send and receive emails with external parties also using TLS.

How does Google prevent against hackers and other intruders? The technology, scale and agility of our infrastructure bring you unique security benefits. Our data centers are built with custom-designed servers, running our own operating system for security and performance. Google’s 450 security engineers, including some of the world’s foremost experts, work around the clock to spot threats early and respond quickly. We get better as we learn from each incident, and even incentivise the security research community, with which we actively engage, to expose our systems’ vulnerabilities.