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Mac vs PC vs …?

I’ve always marvelled at the passion with which teccies rage for their chosen cause.

Mac vs PC, Unix vs Windows, Linux vs Windows – I’ve heard ’em all.
After work hours, I suspect the same people get aerated over Xbox vs Playstation, City vs United, Black vs White.Wanna know where I stand? I’m with Fred:

The whole Mac vs. PC debate is less relevant today than it was in the past. Why? Because the computing platform of the 21st century is not the Mac or the PC… it’s the internet. Operating systems just aren’t as important as they used to be.

Krispy Kreme customers share global holiday cheer with Chromebooks and Hangouts

This holiday season, Krispy Kreme has chosen Chromebooks to power an in-store holiday campaign, connecting customers around the world to toast to the holidays with their coffee and doughnut, face to face.

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dotHIV raises funds to fight AIDS with help from Google Apps

dotHIV, a charity and domain registry supports AIDS organisations by selling .hiv web addresses.

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FarmDrop creates a company of real food revolutionaries using Google Apps

Google Apps has helped FarmDrop bring consumers and producers together to make food tastier, more convenient and more sustainable.

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Setting the stage for success: How new SMBs use the cloud

Google teams up with international research agency GfK to study cloud adoption among new SMBs.

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Pinterest team shares fresh ideas for collaboration using Chromebox for meetings

Pinterest uses Chromebox for meetings in all of their San Francisco conference rooms.

Read more breaks the barriers of traditional work using G Suite

G Suite has broken traditional communication barriers, making lives easier, enabling their teams to work better and more collaboratively.

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Chromebooks for Work: More manageable for IT, more powerful for users

A growing number of companies are adopting Chromebooks as they offer easy manageability and heightened security as well as speed and simplicity for IT and end users.

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Improvements to G Suite for Work Support

G Suite support program makes it even easier for administrators to resolve issues quickly.

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Introducing Google for Work (the artist formerly known as Enterprise)

What was called Google Enterprise is now, simply, Google for Work

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