We have successfully delivered secure online purchasing and fully-featured shops for a wide variety of businesses - industrial products, display equipment, photography, wine, consumer products and many more. The number of products ranges from a few items to thousands and where required we integrate the shop with stock control, accounts and other systems.

We provide advice on all aspects of e-commerce and help you at each step during implementation e.g. choosing and setting up an internet merchant account.

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Features of our online shop include:

Product options

Multiple product options per item such as size, colour, style, etc. are possible. You can also turn these options into specific combinations and track stock of each separately.

Multiple Language Capability

Database driven for easy editing and changes online; supports individual skins for each language.

Multiple Currencies

You can customize each one separately, so users can see each displayed in its preferred form, for example £ 5.20 (with space), $4.60 (no space), 7,30 Kr (symbol after amount and comma as decimal separator) or ¥165 (no decimal fractions). A real-time exchange rate update facility is available as part of support coverage.

Quantity Discounts

Bulk pricing for 2+, 5+, 10+ etc. - you can define the break points and number of bands


'Buy one get one free', 'Buy X get Y% off', 'Buy 2X get Y for free', etc.

Customer Groups

Create customer groups such as 'reseller' and 'valued customers', then restrict access to certain categories of products to a specified group only or give these customer groups a percentage discount.

Configurable Tax and Shipping

You can choose prices including or excluding tax, tax displayed or hidden until checkout, US state tax, EU VAT support, tax exemption for overseas/out-of-state customers and base shipping charges on UPS real time quotes or the built-in banded shipping system based on weight or order value.

Customer Reviews

Configurable to allow anyone to post, only customers or only those who have bought the item they wish to review. You can also require reviews to be approved before going live.

Product Attributes

Create new attributes such as ISBN (for books), author, manufacturer, etc. and choose whether these are searchable and can appear as options on the search form too.


'People who bought this also bought' and manually configured 'related items' as well as 'try these categories'


Single or multiple use coupons can be generated; with a specific or percentage-discount value.


Affiliate system to track clicks and sales via affiliates.

We can tailor the shop to meet your exact needs; excluded from our standard e-commerce implementations are:

  • custom code that might be needed for any dynamic calculations (e.g. where product pickers are required).
  • product database synchronisation (but we'd be happy to import once off).
  • any detailed styling required for products pages.
  • any other bespoke elements (e.g. complex shipping rules) which will be integrated.