Effective digital marketing plays a crucial part in the marketing plan for any business, particularly where visitor traffic and rankings are important. In order to work, digital marketing should combine an effective strategy with continuous review and co-ordinated internet marketing activities.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Refractiv has an established track record of working closely with clients to increase both website traffic and company revenues. In order to kick-start or revive your internet marketing strategy and keep it on track month by month, we offer an introductory health check and a choice of monthly SEO services.

Health Check and Optimisation Service

  • Initial consultation to establish:

    • Organisation profile, aims, history and future
    • Current online and offline marketing strategy
    • Competitive position
    • Website status and architecture
    • Digital marketing goals and objectives
    • Aims and definition of success for SEO
    • Definition and selection of keywords

  • SEO and website(s) analysis by Refractiv SEO consultants

  • SEO Healthcheck Report, including:

    • Current Ranking
    • Optimisation Report 
    • Review of your key competitors
    • Prescription of changes to be made to website(s)
    • Action plans for you:
      • Immediate
      • Ongoing

  • Website optimisation carried out.

Monthly Services

  • SEO Standard
    • Ongoing submission to relevant directories and suggestions on building links to your site
    • Your website(s) will be monitored by Refractiv SEO consultants to ensure Search Engines are visiting and indexing on a regular basis
    • Monthly SEO and Ranking Report
  • SEO Plus
    The standard package plus:
    • Our experts will find and secure inbound links to your website
    • Our experts, in discussion with you, will add one optimised News item or Blog Article per week to your website.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns have the power to deliver instant, highly targeted traffic to your website, generating you a quick return on your investment. Your campaign can be targeted by geographical location, be set to display at certain times of the day and even target a particular demographic.

Refractiv work exclusively with Google AdWords because we know that no other search engine offers you as much exposure to your potential customers. We recommend an initial 3 month AdWords campaign, however our experts will customise a campaign to suit your needs.

A typical 3 month campaign would include:

Campaign Planning and Set Up

  • Initial Keyword and Targeting discussion 
  • Open client AdWords Account
  • Set up client campaign with Ad Groups and keyword combinations; establish daily budget
  • Set up "conversion" tracking and ROI Reporting
  • Launch campaign

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Assessment of individual ad groups - ad performance and tuning
  • Assessment of individual keywords
    • evaluate Google keyword recommendations and accept or decline
    • pause under-performing keywords - low click thru and/or low conversion rates
  • Report on performance and ROI

Campaign Evaluation (after initial 3 month period)

Ongoing budget recommendation, based on average cost per click performance of individual ads and keywords

Internet Marketing

Our internet marketing services include:

  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Newsletters to clients, prospects and suppliers
  • Social networking techniques and consultancy

Periodically we run digital marketing workshops and deliver seminars and key note presentations. See Events for further information.