Unique "Digital Fingerprint" Identification for User Devices.

PositiveID, in conjunction with Swivel Secure's PINsafe, enables a user device such as a laptop or PC to be uniquely and silently identified for authentication purposes.


PositiveID creates a "digital fingerprint" by gathering a wide range of software and hardware attributes from a device, such as a PC or laptop. This unique identifier is then used in combination with the PINsafe one-time code and other credentials to authenticate a user, enabling strong 2-factor authentication.

  • Straightforward integration into a client server, web or other application
  • Fully integrated with PINsafe to enable strong 2-factor authentication
  • Manage and administer through the PINsafe admin console
  • Device attributes used for the digital fingerprint can be set by administrator
  • Authentication can be set to succeed or fail silently, or can provide feedback to user
  • Easy to set up, simply configure the PositiveID option in the PINsafe admin console and send the key provided to the end user so they can register their device
  • 5 User PositiveID trial built in to PINsafe

PositiveID is currently available for client PCs with Windows running Internet Explorer. To access your 5 user free trial select PositiveID from the PINsafe admin console.