Swivel Secure's PINsafe software enables strong, token-less authentication by using a PIN-based protocol with one-time codes.

One of the fastest growing problems for online business is the issue of user authentication and data security. Protecting personal and confidential information from unauthorised access and preventing fraudulent transactions using stolen digital identities are the two greatest challenges for IT security specialists. Online security fraud currently costs the online business community a massive $24bn every year.

Significant technological advances have been made to frustrate hackers from simply breaking into enterprise systems. However until recently, little progress had been made in securing the weakest links in the network - the user authentication process and the vulnerability of the keyboard. When passwords and PINs are keyed in and sent over networks, they are vulnerable to capture in a variety of ways. These include keyboard spyware, screen capture monitoring or direct observation, also known as "shoulder surfing".

The Swivel PINsafe system of authentication solutions has been designed specifically to defend systems against these threats. It also protects the user ID during communication between the user's PC and the authentication server.

Providing a simple, token-less and low overhead solution, Swivel Secure systems represent the next generation of authentication technology for B2B as well as mass market, consumer applications.

Key Features

CCTM CESG Claims Tested Mark
  • Optional user interfaces to suit a range of applications and user preferences
  • Server software available as a dedicated Network Appliance
  • No client side software or special hardware requirements
  • Easily integrated within existing authorisation architectures
  • Two-factor, two-channel technology setting new standards in strong authentication