Refractiv has more than ten years experience of providing online security solutions for customers worldwide. We choose and integrate the best products and technologies to meet your security needs, ensuring that business systems are secure and resilient.

Refractiv has developed a wide range of secure web applications and websites, implementing differing levels of online security according to the environment and perceived risk. Refractiv is also an integrator of complementary third-party products.

We have developed our own security products and also provided research and development effort for market-leading security global companies such as Swivel Secure.

Our online security projects include

  • Providing secure authentication solutions using PIN-based protocols and device-based identity.
  • Outsourced research and development for a global security vendor.
  • Integrating authentication products with firewalls and VPNs.
  • Providing secure applications for a leading retail organisation.
  • Implementing secure applications for a global security organisation. 

Our online security products include

  • PositiveID – a digital ‘fingerprint’ enables the unique identification of user devices such as PCs and laptops (for authentication purposes).
  • Swivel PINsafe – a tokenless two-factor authentication system. 
Refractiv’s expertise in helping us to develop PINsafe makes the company ideally placed to apply the technology to new client systems. With Refractiv on board [as an integration partner], we can offer a full integration process, allowing businesses to transform their security systems from a free-for-all to a fortress. Fraser Thomas, CEO, Swivel Secure.