We provide solid advice and high-quality resources, helping IT professionals and business executives to resolve issues or deliver projects successfully.

Refractiv undertakes consultancy assignments for a variety of businesses including software companies and investment organisations.

We have worked extensively with customers and third parties in a number of locations including Europe, Australia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Canada and the United States.

Examples of the main types of work are as follows:

Review or report

This involves reviewing a system, product or business area and submitting a report to senior management. We also advise on business initiatives and strategies involving web or application development, security and e-commerce.

Market readiness

This involves preparing a product for market, either from inception/invention or from a more advanced stage such as beta software. Activities include product documentation, pre-sales work, certification, testing, training and product release.


We advise on e-marketing strategy and how to successfully implement the various elements of the strategy such as search engine optimisation (SEO), online shopping, affiliate marketing schemes and partner extranets.

Examples of consultancy assignments are as follows:

  • Provision of consultancy services in support of product development, market release, security certification (Common Criteria EAL2) and overseas projects for a security vendor.
  • Report on the procurement of offshore software development services in India, Eastern Europe and South Africa.
  • Research into an acquisition target in the IT sector on behalf of a consultancy business.
  • Development of an e-marketing strategy for a client, leading to implementation through bespoke CRM and email dispatch software.
  • Report on the technical and commercial viability of an innovative software product.