Web Hosting Solutions

We provide high-quality web hosting solutions for you, ranging from shared server space for corporate websites to fully resilient dedicated servers for corporate applications.

You don't need to communicate with the staff of a remote datacentre - we do it all for you and provide sound advice on suitable solutions and the range of options for backup, bandwidth, security and other aspects.

Our servers are based in secure remote locations, typically London Docklands, and we have service-level agreements with the hosting provider for prompt resolution of hardware and software issues.

Our team ensures that the up-time of hosted sites or applications is as close to 100% as possible and where problems occur e.g. a server or communications failure, we chase for a rapid resolution and keep you fully informed at all times.

Technical and user support

Refractiv provides technical and user support through a range of helpdesk, maintenance and hosting services.


We provide an annual support and maintenance service for the websites and online applications that we develop. This includes software updates, a comprehensive helpdesk service and hosting at a secure data centre where required.

Software applications

Through our helpdesk, we provide a tailored annual support and maintenance service for bespoke applications.

Online security

We provide an annual support service for online security systems, including integrated products. We have close contacts with product vendors and can escalate support issues where necessary.

Support Enquiries

  • Email - helpdesk@refractiv.co.uk
  • Callme - please complete the call me form on our website
  • Telephone - +44 (0) 8700 117 455 (Monday - Friday 0900-1730 GMT)

Help us to help you

Wherever possible please email us with any issues or queries. You will receive an automatic response by email and a logged reference for your issue. Please provide as much information about the issue as possible as well as your contact details.

Where applicable, please include the following:

  • Your name, company name and phone number
  • Type of operating system (for example, Windows 8)
  • Browser and version (for example, IE 10)
  • Complete description of issue, including steps to reproduce it
  • Exact wording of any messages displayed when you encountered the problem
  • Steps taken to resolve the problem
  • All previous email threads with Refractiv about the issue if any
  • Level of urgency